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Aluminum Cutter

Product Detail:

1. The teeth are made from extremely heat-resistant tungsten carbide (TC) and offer a long service life particularly when used on aluminum. The trapezoidal flat tooth geometry also contributes to a long service life with good cutting quality.

2. It also ensures low-noise working and allows you to attain tear-free cutting edges.


● Suitable for cutting Aluminum, steel, iron, nonferrous metal.

Technical Data

● Material: Tungsten Carbide Tipped 

● Diameter: 200-450 mm (Normal size) – It can be customized.

● Packing: Carton Case

Product Advantages

1. The large number of teeth enables fine, clean cuts lengthways and crossways to the material grain.

2. High Cutting Efficiency- sharp cutting edge ensures fast and accurate cutting, improving cutting efficiency.

3. These blades handle aluminum material superbly.

4. With a brightly polished or painted surface, the blades attain a high visual impression. 


Item No. Dia.
FH4033 200
FH4034 230
FH4035 250
FH4036 300
FH4037 350
FH4038 400
FH4039 450

*1) unit: mm
*2) Other sizes free to consult.


1 x Cutter Disc / Carton Case

Packing can also be customized according to your requirements. Welcome to contact.

Instructions for Use

1. The cutting blade shall be operated within the scope of the task, and shall not be used for operations other than the task, which will affect the abnormal application of the tool.

2. During the operation of the tool, it is strictly prohibited to touch the tool by hand to prevent the scratch of the hand.

3. In the process of operation, if the performance is abnormal, it is necessary to immediately stop the operation of the tool, reflect on the reasons for the performance, and solve it in time.

Aluminun Very Applicable Frequently used
Metal Very Applicable Frequently used
Steel Very Applicable Frequently used
Nonferrous Metal Very Applicable Frequently used
Normal Stone Not Applicable Not used
Hard Rock Not Applicable Not used
Concrete Not Applicable Not used
Masonry Not Applicable Not used
Brick Not Applicable Not used