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  • Solid carbide drills for precise and durable drilling

    Solid carbide drills for precise and durable drilling

    If you are looking for drill bits with high precision, durability and long service life, then our new solid carbide drill bits are the best choice for you. These bits are extremely wear resistant and provide more accurate anchor holes than other hex shank bits on the mar...
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  • The difference between electric hammer drill and power tool impact drill

    The difference between electric hammer drill and power tool impact drill

    As a DIY enthusiast or professional contractor, finding the right tool for the job can be a complex task. With the marketplace offering a plethora of options, the distinction between tools can sometimes be unclear. One such example is choosing between a hammer drill and a power tool impact drill....
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  • What Is the Difference Between Hammer Drill and Rotary Hammer in Mechanical Principle?

    Power drill is the most widely used and common electric tool in life. The principle of electric drill is well understood. A motor outputs rotating torque and drives the drill to rotate through the gearbox or other speed change mechanisms. The impact driver is generally used with a drill bit with ...
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  • How to Do a Good Job of Rebar Planting? Ⅱ

    2. Technical and organizational measures to ensure project quality 1) Before construction, technical disclosure shall be made carefully. The drilling position shall be set out according to the design requirements of the drawings and the axis and elevation datum provided by the important construct...
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  • How to Do a Good Job of Rebar Planting? Ⅰ

    1. Construction process 1) Positioning The drilling position and model shall be marked according to the design requirements. If there is stressed reinforcement on the base material, the drilling position can be adjusted appropriately, but it should be planted inside the distribution reinforcement...
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  • Classification of Hole-Opener

    The hole-opener (cutter) is installed on the ordinary electric drill, which can conveniently cut round holes, square holes, triangular holes, straight lines and curves on any surface such as the plane and spherical surface of various plates such as copper, iron, stainless steel and perspex. 1. Wo...
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  • Edge Banding Woodworking Milling Cutter

    Edge banding cutter is a kind of woodworking milling cutter. It is used for edge treatment of kinds of panel furniture, that is, in the edge banding process, it can make the furniture beautiful, protect the base material from environmental humidity, temperature and external force, and improve the...
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  • What are the Differences Between Milling Cutters and Drill Bits?

    Milling cutters are used in many machining processes because they contain one or more cutter teeth, which greatly improve the efficiency of work-piece processing. Today we will discuss the knowledge of the characteristics of milling cutters, and the differences between milling cutters and drill b...
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  • Instructions and Maintenance of Electric Drill, Electric Hammer and Bench Drill

    Pre work inspection: 1. Before use, carefully check the grounding wire and other protective devices. 2. Check whether the running parts can rotate smoothly and whether there are part faults. 3. Check wires and sockets before use. If there is any damage, it should be repaired by qualified profe...
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  • Classification & Selection Knowledge of Carbide Woodworking Milling Cutters

    1. Classification of woodworking milling cutters 1) In terms of processing purposes, woodworking milling cutters can be divided into: Straight bit: slotting Bottom cleaning bit: slotting and bottom cleaning Trimming bit: straighten the edge Fillet bit: rounding edge End mills: machining grooves a...
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  • How are Drill Bits Made?

    1. According to the diameter and total length of the designed drill bit, alloy bar cutting machine or wire cutting equipment can be selected for fixed length processing. 2. For the bar cut with fixed length, the flat ends of both ends can be realized on the manual tool grinder. 3. Chamfer or punc...
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  • Safety Operation Procedures for Hand-held Electric Tools

    1. Purpose: Standardize operation to ensure safe operation and normal operation of equipment. 2. Scope: It is applicable to the safe operation of hand-held electric tools (electric hand drill, angle grinder, cutting machine, electric hammer). 3. Safety operation procedures: 1. Before use: (1)...
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