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SDS-max to SDS-plus Rotary Hammer Adapter

Product Detail:

1. By this Adaptor, the user has the opportunity to extend the versatility of an SDS-max rotary hammer without having to bring along a second hammer. Just need to put drill bits with SDS-plus on it.

2. Most of our customers like it, because the adaptor is compatible with other brands of SDS-max rotary hammers. This rugged adaptor stands up to professional jobsite demands.

3. The adaptor fits the SDS-max tool to use SDS-plus accessories, which allows smaller hole drilling as well as having a larger hammer for bigger jobs. With the SDS-max to SDS-plus rotary steel adaptor, you will feel easier when having a work.

4. In the unlikely event of breakage, the adaptor will be considered for replacement as long as the wear mark on the inside of it is still visible. Timely changes will make your job easier.

5. More size of adaptor can be customized and manufactured, please feel free to contact with us.


● Drilling holes for concrete, stone, rock or brick, but only have SDS-max hammer.

● Changing the shank of SDS-max to SDS-plus.

● Durable construction – built to last, the steel adaptor stands up to jobsite abuse.

Technical Data

● Material: 40Cr Metal.

● Production Process: Surface Sandblasting.

● Connection End: SDS-max to SDS-plus.

● Overall Length of Adaptor Shank: 220-600 mm (Normal length) – It can be customized.

Product Advantages

1.Premium Quality Material- this SDS-max to SDS-plus adaptor is made of high quality chrome vanadium steel, which is one kind of professional adaptor, so the durability is fully assured, you can use it for a long time.

2.Anti-rust Surface- the surface is finished with sandblasting, which can prevent it from rusting.

3.Convenience Delivered – extends the usefulness of the SDS-max hammers, for additional applications without carrying a second tool.

4.Flexible Adaptor Design – allows users to extend the usefulness of SDS-max rotary hammers while utilizing SDS-plus accessories, for a wide range task.

5.Meet All Your Needs- this SDS-max to SDS-plus adaptor fits all standard SDS Max drills, you can use it for different purposes upon your own needs.


Description Size
SDS-max to SDS-plus Rotary Hammer Adapter 16*200

*1) unit: mm

*2) other sizes free to consult


1 x SDS Max to SDS Plus Adaptor/ Plastic Tube

Packing can also be customized according to your requirements. Welcome to contact.

Instructions for Use

1.This is an SDS Max to SDS Plus adaptor.

2.Fits all standard SDS Max power drills.

3.Allow any SDS Plus drill bit to be used in SDS Max rotary hammer drill.

4.Just press the sliding sleeve, insert the drill bit and then loosen the sliding sleeve, easy to install.

5.It must be fixed well when drilling.

Concrete Do not use lithium electric drill less than 6V Frequently used
Reinforced Concrete Please do not hit the steel bar in the process of use Frequently used
Hard Stone Please add water to use Generally used
Normal Stone Need to use impact function Frequently used
Hard Rock Need to add liquid cooling Generally used
Normal Rock Need to use impact function Frequently used
Masonry Moderate force during function drilling Frequently used
Usual Masonry Moderate force without impact function Frequently used
Granite or Marble Only applicable under special conditions Infrequently used