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SDS Max Chisel Bit for Concrete & Stone

Product Detail:

1. Premium Material- top heat treated steel with high hardness provides outstanding performance on chipping and breaking bricks, concrete and other masonry.

2. Sharpened Tops- specially sharpened top gives continuously effective breaking on various masonry objects.

3. Widely Used- JS-TOOLS Chisels can be used in red brick walls, cement walls, foam walls, mixed brick walls and other brick wall buildings. It can be used to mine stones and walls to remove sharp objects.


● Removing weld spatter, scale and concrete formwork overflow or seepage.

● Channeling in concrete.

● For use with SDS Max electric jackhammers, breakers or rotary hammers.

Technical Data

● Material: 40Cr

● Head Type: Point/ Flat/ Wide Flat/ Gouge

● Shank Type: SDS Max

● Diameter: 14-18 mm (Normal size) – It can be customized.

Product Advantages

1. Demolition hammer steel is made from hardened steel to reduce breakage and provide long life, for light chipping and chiseling of tile, mortar, glazing compounds, and other masonry products.

2. Hardened steel design stands up to the toughest daily use for concrete removal, hard surface break up and chiseling.

3. Heat treated high carbon steel for necessary hardness and durability.

4. Correctly hardened and tempered so blade will not shatter when struck hard.

5. Universal SDS Max Shank- strengthened SDS Max shank suitable for different rotary hammer with SDS Max chucks. 


Description Size Description Size
Point/ Gouge chisel 14*250 Flat/ Wide Flat chisel 14*250*40
14*400 14*400*22
17*280 17*280*40
17*400 17*400*22
17*500 17*500*40
18*280 18*280*22
18*350 18*350*50
18*400 18*400*22
18*500 18*500*50
18*600 18*600*22

*1) unit: mm

*2) other sizes free to consult


1 x Chisel / Plastic Tube

Packing can also be customized according to your requirements. Welcome to contact.

Instructions for Use

1. The chisel should be fixed well in the power tool.

2. JS-TOOLS Point Chisel demolishes and starts holes in concrete slabs, brick, mortar, slate, masonry, and all different types of stones. JS-TOOLS Flat Chisel edges, chips, scales or channels concrete, stone, masonry and brick. JS-TOOLS Gouge Chisel removes scale, rust, concrete, masonry, brick, stone and weld spatter or removes large quantities of material.

Flat/ Wide Flat Chisel Concrete Very Applicable
Masonry Very Applicable
Brick Very Applicable
Stone Very Applicable
Point/ Gouge Chisel Concrete Slabs Very Applicable
Red Brick Walls Very Applicable
Cement Walls Very Applicable
Foam Walls Very Applicable
Masonry Very Applicable
Stones Very Applicable