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  • Classification of Saw Blades

      Saw blade is a steel blade with a toothed edge, which is the main part of the saw blade. It can be divided into the following types:   1) Bimetallic saw blade: saw blade is welded by carbon steel saw body and high-speed steel saw teeth. For cutting pipe fittings, solid bodies, wood, p...
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  • Types & Uses of Milling Cutter Ⅲ

    3. Milling cutters are divided into two types according to the processing mode of tooth back:   1) Sharp tooth milling cutter: a narrow edge band is ground on the back to form a back angle. Due to the reasonable cutting angle, its service life is longer. The tooth back of sharp tooth milling cutt...
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  • Types & Uses of Milling Cutter Ⅱ

      2. Milling cutters have many commonly used types according to uses:   1) Cylindrical milling cutter: used for machining plane on horizontal milling machine. The cutter teeth are distributed on the circumference of the milling cutter and are divided into straight teeth and spiral teeth according...
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  • Types & Uses of Milling Cutter Ⅰ

    Milling cutter is a rotary cutter with one or more cutter teeth. During operation, each tooth cuts off the allowance of the workpiece in turn. Milling cutter is mainly used to process plane, step, groove, forming surface and cutting workpiece on milling machine. Because of the widely working rang...
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  • Types of Hole Saw

    In our daily life, hole saw is a tool commonly used in house working and industrial working. So, what are the types of hole saw? The following passage will help us to learn the types of hole saw. 1.  Types of Hole Saw 1) There are considerable variety of types of hole saw. The hole saw we usually...
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  • Introduction of the Material of High Speed Steel Twist Drill Bits

    When it comes to the material twist drill bit, the first thing one may think of is high-speed steel, white steel and cobalt containing high-speed steel. The second is the cemented carbide. It is true the alloy and high-speed steel are two most commonly used types of twist drill. Which specific b...
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  • Yueqing Jiesheng Tools Co., Ltd.

    Yueqing Jiesheng Tools Co., Ltd. Established in 1989, is a company specialized in manufacturing and trading hardware tools, covering a construction area of 10000 square meters. The company is located in Yueqing city in Furong, Zhejiang province. In 2003, with the approval of China Federation of I...
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  • Hammer Drill vs. Rotary Hammer

    Of all the tools made specifically for boring holes, there are only two when it comes to drilling a screw into concrete — a hammer drill and a rotary hammer. The hammer drill is an enhanced version of the standard drill, and is usually used on relatively softer material like light-duty concrete o...
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  • Hammer Drill vs. Impact Driver

    Hammer Drill vs. Impact Driver

    Hammer drills and impact drivers have different applications — a hammer drill is used to drill into hard surfaces like cement and concrete while an impact driver is used to install and remove bolts and screws. Both are very powerful tools but use different mechanisms of ...
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  • Electric Hammer: How to Use It Correctly in House Building and Renovation?

    Electric Hammer: How to Use It Correctly in House Building and Renovation?

    In house building and renovation process, electric hammer is a commonly used power tool. Then how should we use it correctly? The passage follows will give an answer. 1. What is the function of electric hammer? El...
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