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Wood Wood Auger Bits

Product Detail:

1. JS-TOOLS Wood Auger Bits features precision and durability. Heat treated head to drill in wood, even with nails.

2. Auger bits offer leading-edge technology in wood drilling. The bits have superior performance against nail hits with unique double cutter and reamer edge provide improved hole quality. A reinforced spine delivers additional strength during aggressive drilling.

3. More size of bits can be customized and manufactured, please feel free to contact with us.


● Drilling in wood, heavy timber and nail-embedded wood.

● Drilling holes for wood.

● Principal tools for wood project.

Technical Data

● Material: C45

● Production Process: High temperature quenching, Surface sandblasting, Surface spray paint.

● Connection End: HEX Shank.

● Diameter: M10-M25 (Normal size) – It can be customized.

Product Advantages

1. Lead screw pulls bit into work eliminating extra pressure and strain.

2. Specially heat-treated alloy steel resists damage from nails.

3. Creates deep, clean holes quickly and cleanly in hard or soft wood.

4. Material- auger drill bit made of High Carbon Steel, hardened and tempered for longer useful life. And lighter weight carbon steel construction than standard augers for safety.

5. Excellent Craftsmanship- designed for 4 precision ground cutting edges and 4 flutes engineered to optimize performance, easy for chip removing. With self-feeding auger point, bits are easy cutting of accurate diameter holes. 


Description Size
Wood Auger Bits M10

*1) unit: mm

*2) other sizes free to consult


1 x Wood Auger Bit / Plastic Tube

Packing can also be customized according to your requirements. Welcome to contact.

Instructions for Use

1. When drilling, keep the bit perpendicular to the processed object to avoid damaging the bit and yourself.

2. Please make sure these auger drill bits worked on wood, and fixed the drill bits firmly when the electric drill start working to avoid broke the drill bits. Due to these auger drill bits come with a long handle, you need press the electric drill hardly to avoid wobbling.

Soft Wood Very Applicable Frequently used
Hard Wood Very Applicable Frequently used
MDF Very Applicable Frequently used
Heavy Timber Very Applicable Frequently used
Normal Stone Not Applicable Not used
Hard Rock Not Applicable Not used
Concrete Not Applicable Not used
Masonry Not Applicable Not used
Brick Not Applicable Not used