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Router Bits Carbide Tipped 45 Degree Milling Cutter

Product Detail:

1. Main Function- produces 45 degree chamfers on boards and panels in order to bevel and decorate edging.

2. Chamfer and Bevel Edging Router Bit is great for cutting all composition material, plywood, hardwood and softwood.


● Chipboard, Fibre Board, Plastic-coated Chipboard.

● Plywood, Hardwoods and Softwoods.

● For routing perfectly clean cavities and resurfacing projects.

Technical Data

● Material: C45+YG8 Carbide Tip

● Flute: 2

● Shank Diameter: 1/4”,  1/2”, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm

● Packing: Plastic Tube

Product Advantages

1. Sharp & Durable- high quality alloy blade by heat treatment, sharp and durable, precision balanced for smooth operation.

2. Micro-grain Carbide-tip Router Bit Design – ensures consistently smooth finish cuts, with superior wear resistance.

3. Reinforced Shanks– feature fully hardened and tempered steel shanks that provide ultimate durability.

4. Problem-free Router bit- it is suitable for all range’s router such as handheld router and table router.


Item No. Cutting Dia.(D) Bearing Dia.(B) Angle(a) Shank Dia.(C)
FHC09001 7/8 1/4 45° 1/4
FHC09002 61/64 5/16 45° 1/4
FHC09003 1 3/8 45° 1/4
FHC09004 1-3/16 1/2 45° 1/4
FHC09005 1-7/16 5/8 45° 1/4
FHC09006 1-5/8 3/4 45° 1/4
FHC09007 1-3/4 7/8 45° 1/4
FHC09008 1-7/8 1 45° 1/4

*1) unit: inch;
*2) Other sizes are free to consult.


1 x Router Bit / Plastic Tube

Packing can also be customized according to your requirements. Welcome to contact.

Instructions for Use

1. Select the milling cutter of which the diameter suitable for the width of workpiece.

2. Before working, check whether the cutter is damaged. If it is damaged, it is strictly prohibited to use it!

3. All cutting machines must be equipped with protective covers.

4. Operators must use protective glasses, protective masks, work clothes, protective shoes and other labor protection articles.

Paneling Very Applicable Frequently used
Plywood Very Applicable Frequently used
Hardwood Very Applicable Frequently used
Softwood Very Applicable Frequently used
Chipboard Very Applicable Frequently used
Fibre board Very Applicable Frequently used
Plastic-coated Chipboard Very Applicable Frequently used