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65A Shank Breaker Chisel & Punch for Concrete

Product Detail:

1.Upgraded breaking power – extra-tough connection end transfers more force from the tool to the chisel

2.Multiple widths and lengths available – use shorter bits for best energy transmission and increased longevity, and longer ones for piercing deeper or reaching into tight spaces.


● Removing weld spatter, scale and concrete formwork overflow or seepage.

● Channeling in concrete.

● For use with electric jackhammers, breakers or rotary hammers.

Technical Data

● Material: 40Cr

● Head Type: Point/ Flat/ Wide Flat/ Gouge

● Shank Type: 65A

● Length: 400-1500 mm (Normal size) – It can be customized.

● Diameter: 30mm

Product Advantages

1. Universal compatible fit most demolition hammers and some jack hammers for convenience with a 65A shank.

2. Made with high-grade forged and heat-treated steel for maximum strength and durability.

3. Heavy duty shovel bit has forged and heat-treated steel construction to cut through tough surfaces and reduced wear. 

4. For light chipping and chiseling of tile, mortar, glazing compounds and other masonry products; Ideal for removing large quantities of material.


Description Size
Point/ Gouge chisel 30*400
Flat/ Wide Flat chisel 30*410*75

*1) unit: mm

*2) other sizes free to consult


1 x Chisel / Plastic Tube

Packing can also be customized according to your requirements. Welcome to contact.

Instructions for Use

1. The chisel should be fixed well in the power tool.

2. JS-TOOLS Point Chisel demolishes and starts holes in concrete slabs, brick, mortar, slate, masonry, and all different types of stones. JS-TOOLS Flat Chisel edges, chips, scales or channels concrete, stone, masonry and brick. JS-TOOLS Gouge Chisel removes scale, rust, concrete, masonry, brick, stone and weld spatter or removes large quantities of material.

3. Not Compatible with SDS-Max/ SDS-Plus system impact drill and rotary hammers and Air Hammer.

Flat/ Wide Flat Chisel Concrete Very Applicable
Masonry Very Applicable
Brick Very Applicable
Stone Very Applicable
Point/ Gouge Chisel Concrete Slabs Very Applicable
Red Brick Walls Very Applicable
Cement Walls Very Applicable
Foam Walls Very Applicable
Masonry Very Applicable
Stones Very Applicable