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17 PCS Drill Bits & Chisels Set

Product Detail:

Compared with percussion drills, electric hammer drills can generate stronger impact force lightly and reduce bit stress, keep the bit running cooler, and for fast dust removal, allowing for effective and precise drilling. Before using the hammer drill, you can use a chisel to make a point of strength, and then combine the hammer drill to meet your processing needs. It is featured in a harder YG8C Carbide tip and carbide steel body. The robust head is ideal for high impact application. It allows for precise starts in materials such as reinforced concrete.


● Drilling holes and Chiseling for concrete, stone, rock or brick.

● Drilling holes and Chiseling for post-installed rebar connections.

● Drilling drainage holes and Chiseling for drying out buildings.

● Drilling through-holes and Chiseling when you need to have an installation of pipes and cables.

● Drilling holes and Chiseling for screw installation.

● Finishing more tasks through collaboration of Drilling and Chiseling.

Technical Data

● Material: 40CR+YG8C.

● Head Material Composition: Tungsten Carbide.

● Production Process: High temperature quenching, Surface sandblasting, manual welding.

● Connection End: SDS PLUS

● Flute or Slot: Single (Double helix)

● Type of Tip: Single Tip

● Number of cutting edges: 2

● The quantity of each size: 1 (The quantity of 7x160mm is 2)

Product Advantages

1. The SDS Plus shank is suitable for most rotary hammer drills on the market and meets most of your needs. SDS chisel matches the electric hammer drill to punch hole for concrete, brick and wall, cut and chisel groove.

2. Higher Hardness- High Carbon Steel Body.

3. Higher Performance- YG8 Carbide Tip.

4. Organized Holders- come with a plastic index case, convenient to use and carry.


Specification Size(Diameter x Length)
SDS-plus drill bit 5.5x110mm
SDS-plus point chisel 14x250mm
SDS-plus flat chisel 14x250x20mm
SDS-plus wide chisel 14x250x40mm
SDS-plus "U" type chisel 14x250mm


17 × SDS Drill Bit & Chisel / Plastic Case

Packing can also be customized according to your requirements. Welcome to contact.

Instructions for Use

1. When drilling, keep the bit perpendicular to the processed object to avoid damaging the bit and yourself.

2. Wear protective mask and gloves to avoid hurting.

Concrete Do not use lithium electric drill less than 6V Frequently used
Reinforced Concrete Please do not hit the steel bar in the process of use Frequently used
Hard Stone Please add water to use Generally used
Normal Stone Need to use impact function Frequently used
Hard Rock Need to add liquid cooling Generally used
Normal Rock Need to use impact function Frequently used
Masonry Can be shocked or not shocked,Moderate force during function drilling Frequently used
Usual Masonry Moderate force without impact function Frequently used