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Stone Hole Saw with Core Drill Bit

Product Detail:

1. This tungsten carbide tipped annular bit including mandrel with special hardened shank, is especially suitable for use with hammer drills.

2. The specially soldered heat-resistant carbide plates are extremely durable and let you drill materials such as concrete, brick walls and stone with ease (e.g. concrete slabs, kerbstones and similar types of hard stone).


● Concrete, Washed-out concrete, Brick walls, Brick, Sand lime brick, Pumice stone, Aerated concrete, Breeze block, Floor screed, Clinker, Plaster. 

● Available in various diameters – ideal for house construction, extension and conversion.

Technical Data

● Material: 40Cr+YG8C

● Surface: Sandblasted

● Shank Type: Hex/ SDS PLUS/ SDS MAX/ Square

Product Advantages

1. The concrete hole saw made of tungsten steel and alloy, high-frequency welding technology, welding openings is very strong, smooth inside and outside welding mouth.

2. A center drill bit helps you to position your drilled hole exactly. Simple operation, easy to use and fast perforated.

3. To enable you to get going straight away, the hole saw comes pre-assembled.

4. Used for drilling walls, stones, bricks, or installation of air-conditioning etc.



Item No. Dia.
FH07008 30
FH07009 35
FH07010 40
FH07011 45
FH07012 50
FH07013 55
FH07014 60
FH07015 65
FH07016 68
FH07017 70
FH07018 80
FH07019 85
FH07020 90
FH07021 110
FH07022 125
FH07023 150

*1) unit: mm

*2) other sizes free to consult


1 x Hole Saw / Plastic Tube

Packing can also be customized according to your requirements. Welcome to contact.

Instructions for Use

1. When Locating drill loose. Please tighten bolt with a wrench.

2. When you can't drill down, pay attention to check out whether the residue is blocking the hole opener. Please go on opening the hole after the waste has been disposed of.

3. Cannot be used for marble, pebbles, and to avoid rebar in cement walls.

4. Please use it with an electric hammer drill.

Concrete Very Applicable Frequently used
Brick Very Applicable Frequently used
Normal Stone Very Applicable Frequently used
Normal Rock Very Applicable Frequently used
Masonry Very Applicable Frequently used
Usual Masonry Very Applicable Frequently used
Hard Stone Applicable Generally used
Hard Rock Applicable Generally used