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Electric Hammer: How to Use It Correctly in House Building and Renovation?

In house building and renovation process, electric hammer is a commonly used power tool. Then how should we use it correctly? The passage follows will give an answer.


1. What is the function of electric hammer?

Electric hammer is a rotating electric tool with impact and one of the most commonly used power tools for decoration electricians. It is mainly used in concrete, floors, brick walls and stone drilling.

Electric hammer can not only drill large holes in building materials with higher hardness, but also replace different drill bits for different operations. For example, an electric hammer can be used for breaking or blowing bricks, stones, or concrete, for shallow grooves or surface cleaning on brick, stone, concrete surfaces, for installing expansion bolts, for mounting a 60mm diameter round hole in a wall with an hollow drill, and for compacting and cementing the ground as a compacting tool.

2. What personal protective measures should be taken when using electric hammer?

(1) The operator should wear protective glasses to protect eyes, when one should face up while working, to wear a protective mask.

(2) Long-term operation to plug earphone, in order to reduce the impact of noise.

(3) After long-term operation drill bit in a hot state, the operator should pay attention to avoid burning skin in the replacement.

(4) When working should use side handle, hands operation, to prevent the reaction force during blocking sprained arm.

(5) When standing on a ladder to work or working at a high place, the operator should prepare high fall protect measures, the ladder should have ground personnel support.

3. What are the requirements for inspection before using a hammer?

The following checks must be carried out to ensure safe use before working with a hammer.

Shell, handle does not appear cracks, broken.

Cable cord and plugs are intact, switching action is normal, protection and zero connection is correct, solid and reliable.

The protective covers of each part shall be complete, and the electrical protection devices shall be reliable.

4. How to use a hammer correctly?

1) Before use, the corresponding specifications of electric hammer should be selected according to the diameter of drilling, to prevent the hammer overload.

Then hammer should be idling 1min in order to check whether the parts are flexible and barrier-free. And so on to confirm that the operation is normal before installing the drill bit to start work.

2) The electric hammer vibrates greatly, when operating, with both hands to hold the handle, so that the drill bit and the work surface perpendicular, and often pull out the drill bit chips, to prevent the drill bit to break. When drilling in concrete, care should be taken to avoid the position of the rebar, if the drill bit encountered rebar should immediately exit, and then re-select the drilling position. If the impact stops while working, one can cut off the switch to resist the start again. Hammer works intermittently and should be shut down for natural cooling when the fuselage is hot after long-time use.

3) When drilling holes in the wall, one should check if there are wires inside the wall to prevent drilling wires causing electric shock accidents.

4) When operating above the ground, there should be a stable platform.

5) Before work, the switch should be placed in the off positon, and then plug in the power supply, so as to avoid accidents. While finishing work, turn off the control switch before unplugging the power supply. Also, do not touch the drill bit at this moment to avoid burns.

6) Only single-person use, not multi-person joint operation.

5. Special attention should be paid to the following things

1) Pay attention to the sound and temperature rise during the operation, and stop the machine immediately for inspection in case of any abnormality. When the operation time is too long and the temperature rise of the machine exceeds 60℃, it should be shut down, natural cooling before operation again. Overloading is strictly prohibited.

2) Do not let go when the machine is rotating.

3) Do not touch the drill bit of electric hammer with hands during operation.


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Post time: Jul-13-2021